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Sharing an antenna - is it legal?

I live higher up a hill than a couple of my neighbors and I can receive several channels that they cannot and I'd like to share my "feed" with him. They are too far away to run a coax cable there but what I'm wondering is if I can stream the TV feeds to them through a local WiFi connection. We've been talking about this and they would like to pay me a few dollars every month for using my antenna and electricity but I'm thinking that I might be crossing a line so I wanted to throw the question out to people that know a little more than I do. Is it legal to share an OTA antenna and receive money in return?

Thanks for any input!
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You might be able to get a bit of legal insights from the news coverage of the Aereo case currently before the US Supreme Court.

My inclination tends to lean toward, 'It's easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission." I am firmly in the camp of Aereo supporters, but it won't surprise me if the government rules the wrong way... There are plenty of other examples of big government intruding into citizens lives in ways that would make the founders of this nation turn in their graves.
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Aereo is a business with business license and etc. .


You Are Not a Business and you do not have business license and etc. .

What you do is a agreement between friends.

Yes what you will like to do is Yes 100% legal.

Here is a device that does what you will like to do.

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Jason l
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Sharing antenna

We'll said ground mast. I agree our government is not rite some of the time. Great some. Lol. And yes I wood ask for forgiveness. Rather than permission. With your situation.
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yeah i think if you were just actually sharing an antenna that would be fine but what you seem to be doing is rebroadcasting and even though its only with a couple neighbors you may be accepting money for it..

seems like maybe not a good thing to get into without real good advice
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