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Hi Folks
I am an existing cable customer. I am interested in moving to an external HDTV antenna.

1 - Receive NYC broadcast stations (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, PBS, WPIX) (Must have).
2- Receive CT based station (main interest is CT PBS).(nice to have)
3 - Possibly Long Island based PBS (nice to have)

I have 2 TV's. Neither have a tuner so I would need tuners as well. I currently have a Silicon Dust Home Run tuner that I am not using. I have a HTPC with Openelec that I would consider using for a DVR. I would only need a DVR on one TV.

Thanks for any recommendations.


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As a starting point, the NYC based transmitters are going to require a full sized deep fringe antenna or combination of antennas. I'd opt for an Antennas Direct DB8E + Antennacraft Y10713. That allows you to optimize aim more precisely and provides maximum performance. You'll need a preamp that can handle a mix of strong and weak signals, the RCA TVPRAMP1R comes to mind... The newest preamp from Antennas Direct is the 'Juice', I have a sample in hand but have yet to compare it to my current preamp. The spec's say it would be a match to your situation, though it would require a separate UHF/VHF combiner and depending on what FM transmitters operate near you, an external FM trap (filter ) might be required as well.

I've been quite impressed with the very inexpensive HomeWorx tuners, I have the HW-150PVR which has several interface options for connecting to the TV/Monitor including HDMI.
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