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Question Reception advice for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I don't understand why my reception does not follow TV Signal Analysis strengths. I have an amplified horizontal v antenna on my roof 20 ft off ground and do not receive 42.1 CITS YEStv even though it is supposed to be the strongest from the Herberts Corners transmitter and I do get good reception of that transmitters other channels - 43.1 is a little weak intermittingly.

Regarding the Camp Fortune transmitter, 4.1, 9.1, 24.1 are weak at times and I do not receive 30.1, 40.1, and 34.1. Thank goodness I do receive 13.1 well.

Are pine and ash trees within 30 feet of antenna a deterrent? Thank you for your help.

Here is my analysis:
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1. Can you please post the model of the 'amplified horizontal v antenna'? No one can really evaluate it properly without knowing exactly what it is. Or post a photo if you don't know. Also what direction on a compass is it aimed at?

2. Your signals are already pretty strong. Have you tried bypassing the amplifier? [Not just unplugging it, but removing both it and it's power source.]

3. Have you checked all your connections? Have you tried testing with a new length of coax directly from the antenna to one TV (run through a window door)? If yes, what were the results?

4. Do you a splitter to support more than one TV. If yes, what is the brand and model number?

If this were a new installation I'd recommend a DB-8e, with the panels facing 20 degrees on a compass and the other 84 degrees. But maybe you what PBS & CBS? They would be much more difficult.
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