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Can you help me help my sister? WNY

I'm looking into cutting cable for my sister. Here is her analysis:

She can get a fair amount of channels, however not all are required. I'm sure she'd like all the major networks, CW, PBS, MyN. If there are others that are accidentally obtained by aiming antennas at these networks, so be it.

What do you recommend for an antenna? My dad is looking at purchasing one for Christmas for her.

Thanks in advance and for all the help I get on the forums!
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There is no foolproof answer for North Tonawanda. From Bergholz I found that a 4 bay UHF aimed at WGRZ, WIVB, and WKBW picks up the Grand Island stations off the side of the antenna. I added a VHF antenna for CFTO using a UVSJ combiner.

One easy scheme for your location would be a Winegard HD 1080 aimed at WKBW. It is likely to get CFTO without a second VHF antenna.

Another approach is a rotator on a single antenna.

Lastly you could have multiple antennas aimed in multiple directions and use an A/B switch or an external tuner.
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