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Reception Assistance


Thank you so much for the voluntary help and resources this site has to offer.

The issue: Not getting certain channels that I would expect to get.
The TV: Samsung 40" Smart TV. If you need a specific model, I can dig that up.
The antenna: TERK Omnidirectional Flat-Panel HDTV Indoor Antenna
The setup: I have the Antenna standing (on stand included with it) behind the TV. This is on the second story of a townhouse, so I hazard a guess that it is around 15-20' above ground.
The results:TV Signal Analysis Results

The main goal for me is to get ABC. After looking at the results, I see multiple channels that I receive (FOX and NBC) that are on the same azimuth and just as close as ABC. ABC is actually closer than FOX but for some reason I don't get ABC. I did notice that FOX and NBC are both UHF while ABC is VHF Hi. Not sure how much of a difference that makes considering the short distance.

Can anyone lend some insight into what might be the issue? Once again, thanks for the help and let me know if I can provide anything else.
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Not sure how much of a difference that makes
It can make all the difference. Small, flat antennas will usually perform poorly on VHF since they are too small to effectively receive the longer wavelength VHF signals.

Also, get the antenna out from behind the TV set and experiment with its location to see if you can find a spot where the signal. TVs tend to emit their own interference which, when picked up by the antenna, will kill reception. Placing the antenna in front of a window that faces the broadcast towers, if one is available, is the best location to start looking for signals.
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