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Originally Posted by mazy View Post
what do i need to do to get 31 (KTLA) and 36 (NBC)?
Have you tried raising or lowering the 91XG?

You might be better of with a bounce shot off of Toyon Park if you aimed toward the Southwest.

Is the FM trap in the 7777 enabled?

If the preamp sees too much signal of KFSH on 95.9 the preamp will generate harmonics internally. FMfool says that KFSH is -24.5 dbm on your street. That's 67.9 db stronger than KTLA (-92.4 dbm) The 6th harmonic of 95.9 falls on 575.4 MHz, which is within channel 31 (572-578 MHz).

The FM trap in the 7777 is ineffective on KKJZ (-38.8 dbm) at 88.1 MHz, but I don't see a harmonic or intermodulation combination that would interfere with channel 36.

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