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Question Attenna recommendation?

I've been using a silver sensor antenna near the TV (look exactly like the one in but sometimes signal strength is a bit weak. Here's my tv analysis signal I'm looking for an antenna with more strength. House is a 2 story house, tile(concrete) roof.

Prefer to mount in attic out of view and easier to mount to stud, also easier access than 2nd story roof as i don't have a ladder that tall. Attic access is about 2'x3'. One primary Tv but a secondary bedroom tv would be nice. Need to have strong signal for channels 1-x, 26-5. My current small antenna can pick these up but sometimes weak signal. As for VHF, i'm not sure what channels/content are on there so i don't know what i'm missing . What would you recommend?

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Due to your concrete construction, I would not recommend an attic install. It could work somewhat but not recommended.

The antenna that would do the best job for your reception is the RCA ANT751. You can try this in the attic, but If you are only interested in the stations at 287 degrees you could use a Winegard DS3000 (satellite pole) on the North side of your house aimed to 287 degrees magnetic. It doesn't need to be any higher than 10 feet or so. If you dont like the looks of that antenna, look at the Terk HDTVo on the same mount. To hook up two sets use a two way splitter 50 to 1000 mhz. If you use the RCA antenna, use no amplifier. The smaller Terk has a built in amplifier and you need to install the splitter after the amplifier power supply.

Both of these antennas include VHF channels. you only have one usefull VHF, channel 7.
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All questions and answers about Tv reception and more.

If the attic is wood frame and no metal roof and no metal backed insulation under the roof.

And if a Winegard HD7082P antenna will fit in the attic then install aimed at about 300 degree magnetic compass.

A smaller antenna is the Winegard HD7000R antenna.

Almost all of the english language channels are to the north west.

The Tv transmissions are very strong , I supect that Many channels will be received through the tile roof.

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Thanks for your responses. attic is wood frame with fiberglass installation. I'll check the material underroof but as i recall, there's no plywood panels under the tiles. I can see outside through the tile's downward curve.

I'm open to mount outside at height about 10-15' as well. Does your recommendation change for outside mounting? Saw on amazon the clearstream4/db8 stated range 65+ miles, do i gain any additional channels with longer range or the Winegard HD7082P/Winegard HD7000R/RCA ANT751 covers all/most of the channels in my surrounding areas?
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