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Upgrade from Indoor in STL

I am outside of St. Louis and currently using a Winegard FL5500A amped indoor antenna to a HDHomerun through WMC. I actually have decent success about 95% of the time with this setup, and the antenna is actually on the correct side of the house facing the signals on the first floor. I own a 2 story house and was looking for suggestions on what antenna you would go for to get a solid consistent signal. I was thinking about trying the Winegard FL6500 outdoor antenna because it would be easy to mount to the house instead of climbing to the second story roof. My theory is that being a slightly better antenna then I have and being outside would make up the difference with my signal. Does anybody have experience with this antenna vs the indoor one? Would you just suggest a different brand/model of antenna in my situation? Right now my run would for sure be less than 50ft and to the HDHomerun, I might eventually split to 2 of them down the road. I will make the run from install point to the basement and have the HDHomerun right inside the basement wall.

Here is my signal report:

Here is ballpark estimates on my current setup signal consistency:
2.1 Fox 98%
4.1 CBS 96%
5.1 NBC 99%
9.1 PBS 70%(drops in and out frequently, not reliable day to day)
11.1 CW 85%
30.1 ABC 92%(second worst offender, some days better than others)
46.1 ION 90%(usually solid, some days hit or miss with quick drops)

Bonus Question: For whatever random reason when I try to record the show the Mentalist on CBS it messes everything up and loses signal error screen. I can turn off Media Center and turn back on and watch the show live but won't record for full show for whatever reason, almost all shows on solid signal stations including CBS don't have this problem. Any ideas?

Thanks for any and all help in advance.
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Looks like the older section of St Charles. DB4e territory due to some hills.

Get the antenna placed so that you have the best available view across the arc between 147 and 178 (in the direction of Affton to House Springs). Avoid placing the antenna behind trees, other buildings, or your own roof. Do not drill any holes until you have satisfactorily tested reception, otherwise, if you call us for assistance, the first thing our techs will tell you is to move the antenna and try again. Usually, if you focus on KETC, the rest will get dragged along.

Sorry, don't have any idea about the WMC issue.
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It's my understanding that WMC like most all MS projects implements DRM (digital rights management) and honors the do not copy flag that a broadcaster may set.

I have used my own batch files on MS machines and now use a Linux machine to perform PVR/DVR functions.
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Thanks for the replies.

ADTech I had looked into the DB8e initially but figured it was over kill since everything is pretty much in the same direction. I have looked into DB4e a little more, and will consider it for sure.

GroundUrMast thanks for the link. Very good stuff. I have only had the HDHomerun for a couple weeks but I like it. I have the newer one and using the mobile setting for smaller files so my wife can watch them via roku3 in the bedroom. I had considered that the Mentalist is DRM, but for some reason I'm optimistic that isn't it. I really don't care for the show as much but more the fact I have this problem.LOL Reading your link it could possibly be signal loss at the time. I will let you know if I ever figure it out. I will try other options also for my DVR see what I like. Do you have any preferences for an antenna?
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