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DVR recommendation TV with OTA antenna

I have the theClearStream2 Complete and an Antennas Direct CPA-19 preamp setup in the house. I am using a 2-way splitter to get the signal into 2 TVs.
Everythig is working fine. I am getting all the channels I want.
Now I am looking to take it to thenext level. I want to add a DVR to one of the TV so that I can record some show.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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The Channel Master CM7000PAL is an option.

A PC running Win-7, XP or various Linux distributions can also serve the PVR/DVR function when equipped with a tuner...
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Tivo Premiere is a great option although it requires a subscription and either internet or phone access.

Channel Master has a current DVR unit as does Maganvox although it's much harder to find. There might be more, but it's not something I keep up with.

Other than that, the HTPC might be your best bet. Add a tuner card and software and a PC and you're on your way.

Ps.. Lol, phone rang so it took 20 minutes to get back the the "Submit" button. I see GUM is on to some of the same suggestions.
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ALL questions and answers about Broadcast Tv Reception and more.

Magnavox MDR513H/F7

Actualy goes on and on.

In the google search box , type in word and word combinations like but not limited to , hard drive receoders , dvd recorders , hard drive recorders with tuners , dvd recorders with tunres , recorders with tuners , multistandard recorders , multistandard recorders with tuners.

Tv computer recording , computer tv recording , recording tv on computer

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