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Lost a Channel with Rooftop Antenna that I got with Set top

When I first moved into my new house I was using a Solid Signal HD-Blade antenna that I had used successfully at my last residence closer to the towers. At the new house I picked up 2, 4, 11, and 53. I installed a Metrostar MS2002 on the roof. I plan to feed 4 TVs and have long runs of cable. The power injector is right at the antenna. It added 13, 16, 19, 24 (sometimes), and 59. Sometimes when I scan I pick up channels much further away such as 3, 8, 9, and others. So I'm much happier overall. However, 2 frequently breaks up, oftentimes to the point of being un-watchable. Other times it's OK. 19 is in the same direction at the same distance and comes in fine. I got this channel fine with the HD-Blade. I called Solid Signal and they were not much help. I was only told that this omni directional antenna has a dead spot and I could try rotating it. That doesn't make sense since I get 19. Another piece of the puzzle is that at my last residence I was on a bus route and 2 broke up when buses went by.

Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be much appreciated. Below is my signal report.
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I'm having a hard time sorting out your complaint from the text. By 19 you mean real channel 11? That's a VHF high channel and you can't really compare it to real channel 25 (?), which is UHF, using your new antenna.

So maybe you are complaining that you get more stations with the new antenna, but some of the stations that you got with the old antenna (indoors?) no longer come in reliably. Still have the old antenna? Are there any new obstructions between the transmitting tower and the antenna at the new location? Trees, for example, are a much worse problem for UHF than VHF.

If you want to isolate the effect, I'd suggest a stepwise approach. Connect the old antenna to a long cable and see if you still get the channels in question at the old location in the house. Then take the old antenna up on the roof using the same cable and see if the old antenna still receives the stations that it did at the old location. Then connect the old antenna to the new feed cable and see if you lose any stations. Divide and conquer. This will help to determine if the differences in location or the differences in antenna, or something about the installation, are to blame.

This may help you when thinking about siting your new antenna -

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