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Antenna Reccomendation Fair Oaks California

I am looking for help with finding the best antenna for my situation. I currently have a Winegard Free Vision antenna I picked up at Home Depot.
I get most of the locals, and on occasion pick up KRON 2 in San Fransisco and KPIX 5 in Oakland.
I live in a single story house, roof mounted to about 13' from ground level. My neighbors on my south side have some very tall trees along the property line, and I think I am starting to get some pix-elation from the trees blooming. Mainly on channel 58 and 3. Their is about 20' of straight coax from the antenna to my tivo ota receiver. I tried the winegard boost xt pre-amplifirer as well, that gave me some channels from the norther Chico area, but lost about half of my locals, so I returned it. Antenna is facing about 209 deg. I don't mind paying for a better antenna since I cut the cord on Satellite already. So looking for some opinions from the pros here since I am a complete noob.
Here is my tv fool report
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Trees are signal killers. This is a problem for your situation. Especially given that Sacramento's main signals are south and those trees are in the way.

On your property is there an opening you can shoot through between the trees or are you completely blocked off to the south? It might be good to go and see if there is any way to get an opening to the south.

That Winegard you are using a small fry. I might try a Clearstream 2V in your situation pointed at magnetic 200. Keep in mind though, with those trees, even with a high horsepower antenna, swaying branches and obstructions are things antennas cannot compensate for. An antenna can only work with the signal that is actually getting to the antenna. If a tree is reflecting 25% of that signal away, you see the problem.

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