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slcole 19-Jun-2015 4:54 PM

Antenna suggestions for Eastern Tennessee

I'm in eastern tn about 50 miles from Knoxville. I would like suggestion on equipment I need to get our Knoxville network stations. Currently I have directv and want to cut the cord. I can install an outside antenna and have no close by restrictions.

I would like to get the following channels. The first three are the Knoxville stations but it would be a bonus if I could get the last three also from Tri Cities.

WBIR, 257 degrees
WVLT, 257 degrees
WATE, 257 degrees
WETP, 8 degrees
WCYB, 81 degrees
WJHL, 81 degrees

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Jake V 19-Jun-2015 5:32 PM

81 degrees and 257 degrees are almost in totally opposite directions. For the UHF stations I would consider an Antennas Direct DB-8e with the reflector removed to get the channels in both directions. For the 2 VHF stations maybe a Antennas Direct Clearstream 5 or (if you can find it) and Antennacraft CS600.

Are there any trees or do you have LOS (Line-of-Sight) in both directions?

Others will post. Wait until they do before ordering anything.

slcole 19-Jun-2015 5:42 PM

Thanks for the reply, not many trees close by so basically Line of Sight.

rickbb 19-Jun-2015 6:55 PM

I think Jake has pointed you in a good direction. (Pun not really intended.) :D

There are a lot of 1 edge and 2 edge signals in there, you will need to get whatever antenna setup you use as high as possible, (usually higher is better but there are exceptions).

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