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AlCorr 28-Nov-2018 2:27 PM

TV antenna & amp.
I need help on what tv antenna and amp. to buy. I live in New Bedford MA. 02740. I have a travel trailer in the yard that gets all the channels (2,4,5,6,10,11,12) Mass & RI. I put a small GE685 Yagi antenna and a Winegard LNA 200 preamplifier. Pointed the antenna 344* and all I get is channel 12. I turned the antenna all over and nothing. Do I need a bigger antenna or bigger amp.?

jrgagne99 28-Nov-2018 2:55 PM

First thing I would try is removing the amplifier and connect a short lead of coax directly to a TV. If your garden-variety RV antenna is picking up all those stations, the GE yagi should do at least as well-- if it is working properly. If you don't get anything after removing the pre-amp, I would suspect bad connections at the antenna balun or bad coax.

AlCorr 28-Nov-2018 3:49 PM

rickbb 29-Nov-2018 1:08 PM

Based on that report you don't need an amp at all.

You are probably over driving the receiver and it thinks all it's seeing is noise and shutting off the channel.

Nascarken 29-Nov-2018 3:15 PM

Hello I am frum mass the best one to use is a channel master 7777-amp

Tower Guy 29-Nov-2018 3:45 PM

The components that you have should work fine. I'd be looking for a wiring error with the power supply or a bad F connector.

Nascarken 29-Nov-2018 7:56 PM

Hello Bedford mass if you need help I can stop buy and help you out if needed ??

AlCorr 30-Nov-2018 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Nascarken (Post 60544)
Hello Bedford mass if you need help I can stop buy and help you out if needed ??

Yes, I need help, If only for someone to talk to and give some advise. Do you live in New Bedford?

AlCorr 21-Dec-2018 6:55 PM

Is this a good for me? Channel Master CM-2020

jrgagne99 22-Dec-2018 4:23 PM

Yes, or even the CM-2018 should get you most of the yellow stations in your TVF list.

Nascarken 22-Dec-2018 9:12 PM

Yellow if spend money on tv antennas and mast mount AMP in mass
Go for the channel master 7777,and dont cut your recving skills short

ADTech 23-Dec-2018 2:06 AM

The CM7777 is the amp MOST likely to cause problems due to its excessive gain. We run into it every week, it seems. Too many folks that more gain is better then they call US to troubleshoot the antenna when the problem is actually the wrong amp is in use in moderate to strong signal areas.

Stick with a medium gain amp in the 15-20 dB range that has high resistance to internal overloading. You have signals that are sufficiently strong so that no amp is likely needed.

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