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Interesting article. The video quality I've seen did not
improve the way it did between Analog and H.D.
The difference between those two was dramatic. The
current H.D. and Nextgen video difference are subtle.
I wholeheartedly agree with Rabbit that I am NOT a
fan of others knowing what I am watching or not watching.
The thought of "personalized" advertisements is also a
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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
A small group of engineers came to my home in Prescott to see
in actuality, how the Nextgen signals travel.
It looks like NEXTGEN ATSC 3.0 will possibly be testing again in the Phoenix market.

So, JoeAZ if the Techs come back to your house for updated testing, please let us know the latest results. I would certainly be interested.

From the below article posted today, the main interest to OTA viewers IMHO, would be the promise of better reception, especially for those folks limited to indoor antennas or more challenging reception areas. And it appears that you would be able to limit BIG BROs "Eye In The Sky" by not linking up to the required internet connection. But I don't know if that will effect potential better reception. In other words, could you have one without the other?

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KFPH Flagstaff Rf 13 and it's Phoenix translator on Rf 35
are continuing to "test" programming from: KTVK, Ind.,
Those stations and their translators are carrying
some of the programming from KFPH. From what I've
seen, the video is NOT significantly better, in my opinion.
The main advantage is that advertisers will be able to
"target" viewers with specific ads. Yes, in times of
emergency, information will be more readily available
as a secondary benefit. The antennas engineers used
were different than what I've typically seen here in the
U.S. There were "X" configured elements in both of the
antennas they used. Not sure if they were active or
passive, reflectors or driven. No future plans for another
home test by engineers.
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