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Anyone here mount your antenna on a telescoping flag pole?

Since I rent and I'm not able to put an antenna on the roof, I was thinking of alternate ways to get the antenna up higher.

I saw an ad for Harbour Freight and they have a telescoping flag pole for sale in the store. I didn't see what it was made of, but it cost much less than other flag poles for sale. That could be a good indication of lesser quality, but I thought a flag pole could make a good antenna mast. Especially the telescoping kind.

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone here has done this successfully and what your thoughts were.

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Back tracking

Is True , I did miss the point

So I have removed the information and information requests I made.

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I think you missed the purpose of this thread. This is not necessarily what I am looking to do.

I'm interested in replies from anyone that might have done this and what the outcome was.

I know there are similar products designed and marketed specifically for raising tv antennas. However, since there is a similarity between them and a flag pole, I thought someone must have had the idea to at least try it before.

My current reception is fine for now. I'm exploring other possibilities for adding height to my current antenna in the future, if I feel there will be any significant gain.

If you are interested in my tvfool report you can do a forum search, as it's already been posted.
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