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Advice on MaxRange TV Antennas

Does anyone have experience with MaxRange TV antennas. This started to pop up on ads in my browser. Seems gimicky to me, but I've never seen this design before. Any have experience with this type of antenna?
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It looks like someone took used lamp shade reinforcements
and placed them against a reflector. I'll let our resident
experts comment on the efficiency of design............
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It's a biconical antenna with a reflector(?).

Bico antennas are very common in EMC testing because they have a very wide bandwidth although at low gain. They generally behave as a dipole would. The common bowtie element is a common 2D variation of the bico. I use a bico antenna in my lab for antenna measurements (

Can't say I've ever seen one with a reflector before. The effectiveness of the reflector is going to be seen at some particular set of frequencies related to the spacing of the reflector from the driven element.
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