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Re-use Splitter ?

Link to earlier thread :

Yet another question to my friends the experts

I was wondering -- I have a left-over wide-band 4-way splitter w/ terminators and DC pass-through from a previous DirecTv installation :

Might I use this to pass the power source for my CM777 pre-amp and act as a splitter for my HDTV's in my home ? I understand we are talking about different frequencies here -- satellite vs. RF --- but the splitter DOES say 'wide band".

My logic is this : Rather than the power for the pre-amp inserted through the pre-amp's supplied splitter and then the OTA signals go through yet ANOTHER splitter (and source of attenuation) to distribute OTA signals to my HDTV's....I thought I might reduce one level of splitters (and source of attenuation).

A little research has informed me that there are a number of other people doing just that with no ill effect.

What say the experts ?

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Rather than the power for the pre-amp inserted through the pre-amp's supplied splitter
The preamp's supplied "splitter" is not a splitter, it is a power inserter; they are not the same. You must not replace the preamp's supplied power inserter with a splitter. There is no signal loss with the power inserter, as there is with a splitter.

If you are feeding more than one TV, the splitter should come after the power inserter.

If you must insert a splitter between the preamp and the power inserter, that is when to use a power passing splitter, but you still must use the power inserter.

The power inserter allows the coax between the preamp and the power inserter to carry the DC power up to the preamp AND send the signals down to the TVs.
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The one distinguishing characteristic of the DTV SWiM splitters is a very low isolation between output ports, necessary so that the MOCA protocol will operate. This is the opposite characteristic from what is desired for OTA and cable signals.

Since you already have it, go ahead and give it a test drive. If it works fine, you're done and it will work okay in your specific situation. If it doesn't work correctly, run down to Home Depot and buy an Ideal sat-rated splitter It has the added advantage of having steering diodes internally that allow ANY of the output ports to power your pre-amp, greatly simplifying installation.
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