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Do i need an amp?

Newbie here, and i just "cut the cord".
Here is my issue, I moved into my house a year ago.(A split level house) There is a antenna in the rafters of my garage that is on a 40ft run to a 2 way splitter in my basement. the splitter then runs to a tv on the the next floor (bedroom with great reception on that t.v.) The other run from the splitter runs to a t.v in the basement roughly 40ft. (also gets good reception at that point.) This run is through the walls and comes out of the wall at a dual coax wall plate. the other outlet on the plate is a dircetv run. This run goes up to the Family room t.v. What i did was run a splitter at the basement dual coax plate and pushed the antenna feed to the family room t.v. this t.v. does not get half the channels my other 2 sets get. So my question is Do i use a preamp like the winegard Ap8700 at the antenna or should i use a amped splitter?
Sorry for the long winded post but I thought i should explain my set up before asking my question.

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Here is my report.
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Remove All satellite system hardware , diplexers , splitters , amplifiers , power supplies , power injectors.

As a -->Test<-- of reception , run a Looooong coax through the house from the splitter port that connects to the directtv run of coax. Run the Looooong coax to the Tv that has half the channels.

Do not have the Direct Tv coax run connected.

As a -->Test<-- , can also change/switch the coaxes at outputs of the 2 way splitter.

Put one coax on one output port and the other coax on the other coax port.

Also the Tv that is getting 'half the channels' needs to scan for the Digital Broadcast Tv channels , not cable tv channels.

Go into the Tv menu and select , 'Air Channels' / 'Antenna Channels'.

Scan for Digital Broadcast Tv channels.

Not cable tv channels.

Digital Tv tuners can develop - Digital Glitches - that are not cleared out with a simple channel scan.

Do a Double Channel Scan ,

Also can put a Tv that is receiving "all" the channels at the location of the tv that is only getting half the channels.

This is all a process of elimination to find the , disconnected coax , bad coax , bad connections , the bad splitter , the bad Tv and etc..

Can also connect a inline coupler in place of the splitter that sends the signal to the Tv that gets 'half the channels'.

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If the others are fine, you could put an amp at the split where the most signal loss occurs. But then, you could probably have it further upstream as well w/o overloading anything and spreading the gain across all lines. You can always try using coax couplers to take all the other TV's out of the mix and see if the troubled unit tunes better. There's still some loss at each coupler. In the end, I think you're on the right track, as the split three ways is impacting your viewing.

(did I just repeat what you asked?!)
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