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Distribution amp or Splitter?

I recently purchased a Mohu Sky HD. (Yes I know there are better antennas and yes I know it's thought of as overpriced. Anyhow, for me it pulls in a good amount of channels especially given I am 45+ miles away from the towers in a terrain filled with hills.)

Ok so back to my question, the Mohu comes with a small pre-amp and for the one tv I have hooked up everything is working well. I do plan to hook up 1-3 additional TV's in the near future and from reading it seems doing this will degrade my signal. I see some recommend using a distribution amp such as the ones I listed below.

Do you think I will be fine with a splitter or is a distribution amp recommended? Will the Mohu pre-amp & distribution amp conflict with one another?
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I would keep it simple. Try a passive splitter first. If it works, you saved money and avoided adding a small amount of noise that might cause trouble with an already marginal signal.

If the added loss in cables and splitter causes you to loose reliable reception, then add a CM-3410 ahead of the passive splitter.

FWIW, the CM-3410, CM3414 and PCT-MA2-4P are all the same 15 dB gain amplifier. The multiple output port versions simply package a passive splitter in the same case. I like to maintain the flexibility of being able to change the splitter, so I opt for the single output model.
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That's a great idea. I'll probably use the existing splitter I have, try the other TV's and pick up a 1 port distribution amp if needed.

And yes I did ground the mast included w/ the Mohu haha.
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