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Hi, I got advice here from Tigerbangs in Dec. but we're just getting our act together! We have tivo hd and a tivo 2 & a new plasma tv in one room & an older hd in another room.
We currently have cox cable & want to ditch them. I need to get the cable cards for the new tv.
I also need an antenna:
Tigerbangs (monday, dec 28th 11:16 a.m.) had suggested winegard 7694p or an antennacraft hbu-33
Hubby will not go for something that big - what are other alternatives? I'm stumped at this point.
I'd really appreciate your help!!!
Thank you!
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Can you post a link to a tvfool report of your exact location? It would help us understand what you're up against, signal-wise. If you need any help, here's a good starting point:

BTW, when it comes to antenna sensitivity, size does matter. I suspect that Tigerbangs recommended those specific antennas based on the signal strength of your local stations. If you try to go with a smaller antenna, you might not have enough sensitivity to give you reliable reception on the channels you want. Unfortunately, the laws of physics cannot be changed.

Is your concern about aesthetics? cost? where to install it?
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If Phoenix was an all-UHF market, we could use a smaller antenna, but you have 2 VHF channels that require a larger antenna to get all the signals. Neither antenna that I have suggested is very large or obtrusive, so, I'd like to understand Hubby's objection. The so-called 'miracle' antennas are really gimmicks and aren't very effective on VHF.

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There's a phrase I like to use in these situations: you can't fight physics!
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