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Lightbulb Stand alone ATSC Tuner Converts Monitor in to HD Tv

(No computer needed for this hook up.) I am a Enthusiast that does a lot of research.

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1024x768 is not really 1280x720 because 1024x768 is aspect ratio 4:3 (1.33:1) and 1280x720 is aspect ratio 16:9 (1.78:1)(aka widescreen). It should be obvious that, while 768 is slightly more than 720, 1024 is significantly less than 1280. A properly proportioned 16:9 picture letterboxed on a 1024x768 display would be scaled to 1024x576.

Having said that, I agree that 1024x768 is a whole lot better than 640x480 Standard Definition and 1024x576 is better than 720x480 Standard Definition widescreen.

I must say that I hesistate when it comes to K-World products because I had an experience with one K-World device that adapted VGA to a mini DIN connector and didn't display on my Sony MultiScan monitor. K-World tech support was very rude about my returning the poorly designed product twice, once for replacement and a second time for a refund.
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John Candle
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Tuner converters

Yes I understand. My quest to make it simple. Here are more tuner converters.

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There are a bunch of old Direct TV boxes that do this. I was buying them for $30. I would just stick an old LCD monitor in the kids room and one of these boxes. I had found a website that listed all the models that would do this without a subscription. I have mine packed away so I dont know the model numbers.
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