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OTA Programming

While waiting for my post to appear in Help with Reception, I'll post something here in General Feedback.

I have Dish Network with no local channels.

I live in NYC and can get all of the major national networks. Why pay for something that is public domain.

Dish doesn't provide the channels I want anyway. Like local PBS for LI and NJ. Thats what I am trying to receive locally.

I really only watch History, TLC, NatGeo, and Discovery on satellite.

Besides, I was channel surfing and can't believe what crap I am paying for. Garbage like Snookie, Repo Men, Pawn Stars, Cheaters (Reality TV...WTF, its all staged by actors!) or Housewives of Trailer Trash City...?

Anyway, I happen to come across this website through a reference on another website when I was looking to aim my antenna directly at the transmitter.

I was using google maps to get an approximate bearing on where to aim.

Obviously this was not very accurate. Then I searched for bearings by imputing two coordinates, similar to air navigation. But I got VOR info.

This website was exactly what I was looking for all in one place.

Now I am hoping some of the more experienced enthusiasts can provide me with some advice on getting these stations.

Thanks to all.

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it has been an interesting 12hrs thus far.

I got one msg off in the reception thread now awaiting moderation.

You seem to like exactly the same type of TV I do (if I had SAT or cable, the ones you listed are the only ones I ever look at)!

It's nice having subchannels for PBS these days, especially if they have something interesting on PBS:WORLD while the kiddos can still watch "martha speaks" in the other room at the same time.
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