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Boxee Live TV


I am new to TV Fool and thought that this site and forum may help in my predicament.
I am a happy Boxee Box user for a year now and received their new Boxee Live TV tuner and antenna about 5 weeks ago. I installed it as per instructions and immediately got 7 Digital TV channels from my immediate area in perfect reception. I live in Surrey, BC, Canada.
Last week Boxee did an automatic update when I turned it on and I lost my Live TV signal. I did re-boots and re-scans and it could not find any channels. I have been in contact with Boxee tech help and they think the Hauppauge tuner may have fried or is not working properly anymore. Their antenna is also very small and probably quite limited.
Rather than using their antenna and the hauppauge tuner, I was wondering if it is possible and if it would make more sense to attach a better tuner and antenna to my Boxee Box. If so, would they work with the Boxee Live TV function. My logic tells me that this would make more sense and I would be able to pick up more stations than the 7 stations I originally got.
My TV is a Panasonic TCP-54G20 Plasma with a built in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuner.
My other thought is that I may be able to forgo any new tuner and just use the one built in my TV and perhaps connect a higher quality antenna (preferably indoor) to my Boxee Live TV.
Hoping someone here can help me on this.
Thank you.
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