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Laptop Interference Issue??? please help

So, I finally got my antenna setup installed (see help in Almont, MI post).

But now when I turn on my laptop, I lose reception on my tv. My laptop is approx 5-6 feet away from tv and I have the wireless turned off on the tv and my router.

The only thing I can think of is that the tv and laptop are plugged into the same outlet and the RG6 coax cable AND ethernet cable cross paths as they pass through the floor into the basement (they use the same hole in the floor).

Anyone have any advice or ideas?

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Power lines can conduct interfering signals into and out of equipment. If the laptop has a battery capable of holding enough charge, simply test by unplugging the laptop. You may be able to find a snap on ferrite EMI choke at Radio Shack if you prove the power brick or laptop is generating interference. See: and If you try ferrite chokes, place one over the TV power cord close to the strain relief as it enters the TV chassis.

Coax to power line or CAT-V crosstalk is far down on my list of suspects provided the coax ends are terminated correctly. An open or high resistance shield connection at the F-connector would leave the coax open to all the local interference in the home near the bad connector. Even a connector that has not been tightened adequately will be a possible 'open shield' problem. (But don't over torque F-connectors.) A DC ohm meter can be used to trouble shoot opens and high resistance in coax. Simply wiggling a connector may produce a visible result on screen, but with DTV forward error correction, you're not guarantied you'll catch a bad connection every time. The bottom line is, the only place desirable and interfering signals should be able to enter the coax is at the antenna. If the shield is properly connected at every point, standard coax is extremely effective at accomplishing that goal.

CAT-V can be installed incorrectly. One common error is 'split pairs'. Split pairs cause the wires to be far more susceptible to receiving and radiating interference. There are two common color codes in use. I recommend that you use only one method throughout the entire installation. Most commercial CAT-V is installed using the T568B color code. If your installation is using T568A, continue with that standard, the Ethernet frames don't care about the color of the wire insulation.

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