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Pixelation on two channels

Hello, I have just installed an Omni directional antenna I was given as a gift hopping to get rid of Comcast. The antenna is mounted in the attic and is (that the moment) connected to only one TV. The roof is asphalt shingle.
The antenna is about 25 off the ground and I receive a fair amount of Channels, my problem is that channels 5.1 and 7.1 both pixelate badly. Attach is the TV fool channel map for my area of Nashua, NH.
Based on the TV Fool map for my location both channels transmitters are within 2 of each other and their signal power is -65.9 dBm and -71.6 dBm
I have tried a cellular (3G/4G) filter, a pre-amp and an amplifier with 8 Db gain.
Nothing has made much difference. Any thoughts
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What antenna do you have? Omni-directional antennas do not usually have the reach of a directional antenna. Your stations aren't that far away but I am unsure of the terrain / foliage around your location, I would guess that something is blocking the signal since WHDH is showing as 2 Edge.

Even though it's omni-directional, I would still try rotating it to see if you can improve your reception or try placing it in another location in your attic or possibly on the roof.

You can also try another antenna, if all of your stations are in the same general direction, a directional antenna would work best. It looks like you're near 2 media markets so it doesn't seem like that's the case. However, the channels listed in green still may work fine even if you pointed a directional antenna at about 155 degrees because all of those stations are fairly strong.

What are the call letters of 5.1?
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Smile Problem solved

Thanks skatingrocker17, the antenna is a ANTOP AT-414B and I rotated it 90 degrees on the pole mount in the attic and problem solved! I now get great reception on over 30 channels. We'll see what happens next spring when the leafs are back.
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According to the factory specs, it is amplified and it has a built in LTE filter
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