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Talking South Western Ontario, Canada

Hi Everyone:
Learned a lot from you all so far, about aiming, and such, now I'm going to go out on a limb, well roof really, and try something new.
I have a Clearstream 2V antenna that is mounted on the roof of our little place which is on Northville Cres, in Lambton Shores, Ontario.
Here is the TV fool report.

Hope that comes out O.K.
I have the antenna aimed into the south east and it works really well. I get 6 or 7 channels and #6 on the chart, is trying to come in the side, but can't quite make it. Experimenting, I pointed the antenna towards the south west and it brought in those channels - Detroit? - pretty as well. I was surprised, giving that it's only 15 feet of the ground, and we are surrounded by huge oak trees. I'm guessing the 75 foot sand dune behind is providing a little reflection.
So, I'm thinking, after reading all the posts, about installing a second antenna for the south west direction to pull in those channels. I could put one about 7 feet away from the current one, and still not fall off the roof. Well, maybe. I read that I need to install two bits of coax, and they are to be exactly the same length, into a joiner, not a plain splitter and then an amplifier.
My question is, should I buy the same type of antenna or a plain UHF as all the stations to the south west seem to be UHF? And, I can't find the posting that said what kind of joiner to use and what amp. Ideas please?!
Or, would a rotor be a better idea?
Thanks for any ideas. I've already fallen off one roof this summer, so I'm going carefully on this.
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The chances of reliable reception from Detroit are quite low. It appears that your are about 100 miles from those transmitters. You may see the signals occasionally, but only when atmospheric conditions are just right, allowing for the signals to 'skip' off of layers of the atmosphere.

You can try an un-tuned antenna antenna combiner, but even two identical antennas will usually provide less gain and be prone to receiving more interference because the combined reception pattern is more broad than that of a single antenna.

Can you provide a list of the signals received with your existing antenna when aimed SW and then when aimed SE? Please identify the signals by the call sign and the real channel number (the virtual channel number is ambiguous and antennas don't care about anything other than the real channel frequency).
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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The tvfool report you have provided is the default 10 feet antenna height above ground.

Do not delete the default report and please provide 2 more tvfool reports with antenna heights of 25 and 40 feet above ground to see how much signal strengths improve.
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I will do both of those suggested things asap.
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Here are the other reports
25 ft.
45 ft.
I will have to get up there and re-aim the antenna do the scans to id the channels precisely, but they seem to have been US networks.(iffy memory)
But it looks to me - very naively admittedly, that the only way to improve is to put in a very tall tower. Not an option in this park.
Does this help at all? When I did a signal tower locator, it determined just one US net, and at 127 miles to Detroit, yeah it was probably skip. When I played with CB radios in the 70's that was always an issue.
any ideas?
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