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Old Antenna

Not sure if this is the correct forum or not. My old boss's dad was sort of an antenna buff, radio, tv, etc. He gave me these antennas. I am not sure what make or model these are and if they are usable. Can anyone identify them and any advice on how to re-use, if possible. Also attached is my current setup. Would these old antennas be better that what I have now.\?
Thank you in advance,
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The antennas in the last two pictures (that have swept wing elements) are for VHF channels 2 through 13. The first antenna picture has a UHF Yagi style antenna.

Not sure of the brand of any though. The ones that have bent metal rods (elements) may still be usable if you carefully straighten out the bends to some degree. Won't have to be perfect to still work. Most of these appear to be for Suburban locations and near Fringe and not Fringe or Deep Fringe signals.
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Pretty sure that the blue brackets on the swept design antennas, would make them Antennacraft/ Archer Rat Shack.

The UHF Yagi, looks like somebody added that mesh on the rear.
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The first antenna looks like a homebrew addition of wire mesh to an off the shelf corner reflector. I would be amazed if that second reflector actually helps at all, never seen that on an antenna before.

The second and third antennas look like standard issue Radio Shack VHF-only antennas. Probably OEM'd by AntennaCraft, but it could be anybody. They'd be terrific for FM, but in most parts of the country the low-VHF elements would be useless.
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