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Can't view local channel

TV Signal Analysis Results:

I can't view WMC TV 5 (5.1) with my indoor antenna, but I can view all other local channels with it. I have a TERK omni-directional amplified flat digital antenna but still can't pick up the channel. I've tried the standard rabbit ears antenna, but no luck.

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What I'd try

The channel you are having trouble with is on VHF low which has quite long wavelength . To tune rabbit ears to that frequency pull them all the way out or to ~75 inches wide if yours even go that far. Try them straight out both ears horizontal, perpendicular to the station (north west of you).

Low VHF does not penetrate buildings as well as higher frequency signals and if you have foil backed insulation, aluminum siding or a radiant barrier then uhf signals may fit in a window and bounce to your antenna but channel 5 is 79 MHZ so waves are ~150 inches long vs ~19 inches for avg. uhf
In short you may need to get an antenna out side to get a clean signal.

Your local signals are strong so I wouldn't personally recommend amplified anything for you (IMHO amplified indoor antennas are of very limited use, that is almost but not quite useless)

A simple to make dipole or folded dipole cut to 37 3/8 " on each side total length ~74.75 " if put outside can be tucked under vinyl siding or otherwise hidden and added on to an indoor antenna. If you just want NBC
If you don't mind going to a fairly large outdoor antenna you should be able to get a few more stations but you may not even want them.

Online programing guides can tell you if you want a certain channels programing or not (personally I like titan tv) and can tell you what subfeeds are available on what channel. Like channel 5 should give you "bounce" and "this" in addition to the NBC network feed.

If you want to try a dipole heres a folded one
the twin line they use can be pretty hard to find,so bare 12 gauge wire could be substituted for the top loop part (velocity factor of bare wire is 1 so it can be ignored).~ 74.75" Feed the loop with the transformer/balun directly instead of using the vertical section of twin lead (unless you have some around)

Good news is long wavelength antennas are very tolerant of small measurement errors. An inch off would probably not make a noticeable difference.
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Tv antennas and Tv reception

A outside roof top Winegard HD7000R antenna aimed at about 317 degree magnetic compass will lock in the reception of digital channel 5. Here is how to aim antennas , Here are some roof top antenna mounts , , , , Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. , , , , To buy the ronard mounts from solidsignal , type the word - ronard - in the solidsignal search box or buy from ronard.

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