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Tv antennas and Tv reception

Home Depot or Lowes usually has the ANT751. It is a very popular antenna for local reception. . A device in the house can generate interference , a computer that is on all the time , a flouresent light , a clock radio , a radio , one of the many little power transformers that are plugged into the outlets , just about any device. Unplug them all and turn off switches , one buy one and see if that clears the interference. Also the cell phone towers and electrical power generation can cause interference. A way to find out what is causing the problem is a , Spectrum Analyzer. The big Tv stations have Spectrum Analyzers that they use to go out into the field , ( to homes and business ) and out in the field to check the signals that are transmitted and received. You can call WRLH-DT 26 FOX , ask to talk with the engineering department , ,
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You may want to try this site. Click on "TOTAL PRICE" to see the lowest pricing.
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Wow Sounds familiar !

plus high voltage lines. They are Not quite in the direct line between my house and the towers, just slightly East. Could this be causing more multipath?
Yes !

Your situation sounds very similar to mine (close to the towers and in multi-path central, high tension wires and all, even the same power and NM levels on strongest signals).

"Omnidirectional" antennas are very susceptible to multi-path interference.
The ANT751 is better that the Mohu Leaf (for you ) . When you get your new antenna try different locations and heights (I see your report is at 10 ft.) personally I had to get above 23 feet AGL to get a clean signal in all weather conditions. I use a high gain "fringe" antenna but have tried many.
It might seem counter intuitive to need a high gain antenna to get such strong signals but high gain also means narrower beam and more rejection of signals coming from off center (bounced multi-path interference) and a strong clean signal is easily attenuated if needed.

Don't underestimate your reception situation it could be very challenging.
Or your new ANT751 may solve all your issues.
Good Luck! and don't give up.
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