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If I install an electric line to the concrete pad and put the power supply for the preamp in a weather proof enclosure would it help the preamp any all?
Probably not, but there is insufficient information available to comment more closely.

In any event, what is the CURRENT issue at hand?
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WSFX was giving a problem. Since sent my first message it has been steady since

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Smile tower installed

Hi everybody

I just got antenna base poured on Nov 23.

That included 52 bags 60lbs) and 94 lbs of portland cement.

I lowered the ist 10 frf of tower and attached the middle 10ft and got a neighbor to help the top 10 to the middle one

I gotthe cabling and grounding done this past Monday

It was to windy Tuesday so the next day I walked it up and got it secured on the hinges.

the ant751r is on top at approx 33 ft

Pointed at64 degrees

The first scan got 50 found

30 minutes no signal

checked this morning and have signal

The problem was outlet that power inserter and signal distribution were plugged into.

Now signal levels

From Wilmington NC

Back edge of antenna

WWAY 100

WECT 100

WSFX 100

WUNJ 100

From Greenville Market


WNCT 100

WCTI 100

WPXU 100

You can from above posts that I have much reception from the tower except for WITN

Before the repack I received WITN at 100

WSFX anywhere from 88 to 92

But I did not have as stable system as have now

Two Weeks afterward I had cable and preamp failure

So orders a 150 rg6 cable and 35 ft rg6 cable

Pulled the 150 ft cable through about 122 ft of conduit 1 inch in diameter

installed a pingbingding preamp and back on line

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