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Help with Antenna selection - NJ North-East

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and would like to cut the cord. I need help from experts on this forum recommending preferably an attic mounted antenna which can receive PBS(51),ABC(7),CBS(33),NBC(28) and FOX(44).

The transmitting towers for all these stations are in NY city within 10 deg. angle.

Here is the link to my TV fool report:

Thanks in advance.
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Assuming the report is correct (there have been recent problems with the database), you're gonna need a big antenna, with both UHF and VHF-hi capabilities, most likely mounted on your roof to achieve your goals. The Winegard 7698P with a mast-mounted pre-amp (Juice, CM-7778, or similar) would be a decent choice. You could also do an 8-bay for UHF channels (e.g. DB8e) and the MCM-2476 for your VHF channel, WABC-7. Combine the signals with a quality UVSJ then into the pre-amp, or you could use the RCA-TVPRAMP1 which combines UHF+VHF and amplifies in one unit. Start with 50-feet of new RG-6 coax and one TV for simplicity. You can add complexity later (longer runs, multiple TVs, DVRs, etc.).

Before buying anything, you should check or the FCC site to confirm TVFool's reception report.

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