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Missing One Channel


I have a Antop 414-b antenna mounted in my attic (horizontally). It is attached to a wood beam. I have close by it its amplifier and then after a run of about 20 feet a Wineguard Amplifier HD-200 right before a normal splitter running to two TVs

I get great reception on all channels, save for one (KMBC-DT). I even get faint signals from KCKS and KQTV (not watchable but there). But trying to figure out the issue with KMBC-DT.

Here is my report:

Any thoughts?
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Do I understand correctly that you have an amplifier near the
antenna and then another after a 20 ft run of cable????

If that is correct, why??? If you are using RG6 cable, you
shouldn't need two amplifiers. You may not need even one.

Your signal strength should be adequate, even using an attic
antenna, to run without amplification. A roof antenna is most
always the way to go, you could be getting some interference
from wires, venting, pipes, etc, etc in your attic.

I'd try losing the first amp or the second. Use a good quality
connector in lieu of an amp and see if things improve on KMBC.
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