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Smile ION TV bad reception

I am writing to ask for anyone's help or ideas for how we can get better reception from channel 30 - ION TV in our area at 91316 Los Angeles.
Here is our signal analysis:
The shows on channel 30, break up and/or freeze along with breaking up/scrambled audio but all the other channels work just fine using a Clearstream2 antenna on the roof in a direct path to the Mt. Wilson TV signal sources.
thanks for any suggestions or help,
jim & irene
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1, Verify the C2 is oriented and aimed correctly.

2. Move the antenna several feet (up, down, left, right forward, backward) and try again. Repeat as needed. Do not drill any new holes until you have identified a new location that is satisfactory. Sometimes it takes as little as half a foot, sometimes several feet, sometimes several yards.

"Dead" spots can readily be formed by seemingly random physical items in or near the signal path and can affect either single of several channels at or near a single frequency. Moving the antenna can put it into a different spot without the convergence of undesirable signal disturbances.
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