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Antennae Recommendation Please

I am interested mostly in the 38 and 111degrees groups of channels.

I have an antenna up now that I bought at a local computer store. Its a 4 bay. But I think its pretty much junk. I am getting pixelation on almost every channel.

What would you guys recommend for my best chance to get some good reception. I prefer a installation that is on the discreet side if at all possible.

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Tell us about where you have the antenna - how high, line of sight (LOS) to the stations you want, aimed in the directions you want, indoors/attic/outdoors, trees buildings or other obstructons in the way ... the stations you refer to are mostly strong and any reasonable antenna with proper siting should be able to pick them up.

Note that a bowtie is typically a UHF-only design, so you could expect trouble with CFTO rf 9 in particular. But it's a strong station there, and likely to be picked up even though it's out of band for the antenna.

Also I'd suggest that you resolve your address exactly. Suggest you use the "start maps" on the front page and place the cursor as exactly as you can, then button "make radar plot" and post that link. Your exact location won't be shown on the plot.
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Thanks for your reply.

The antenna is approx. 30 feet off the ground. I have a two story house and its mounted close to the peak of the roof.

I have attached a picture of my LOS.

The Red square is approx the 38deg. mark the red is towards the 111deg. Although It is actually further right out of the picture.

Here is the radar plot that you suggested I make:

The only channels that are even close to watchable are:
All the others are unwatchable because of pixelation.

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From your location you should get all the Hamilton, Toronto stations. Unless I'm mistaken, you can see the Toronto skyline (CN tower) through the branches of the tree on the left of your picture. I would look for a bad cable or connector between the antenna and TV. I would be suspicious of the connector right at the antenna since you get CFTO. BTW tomorrow's temp +4 and Sunday +10. Good for outside work on the antenna. Can you try something as an antenna plugged directly into the TV? This should give you almost all the channels, given your location, to help you isolate the problem.
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