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Help choosing ota antenna please.

I just cut the cord with DirecTV. I'm currently using DirecTV's cable to a set of rabbit ears mounted on the dish. I get stations 4,7, and sometimes 21. Would like more. What do y'all recommend for me? Antenna, rotor, height above ground etc.
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Jake V
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Please post a link to your TV Fool Report so we can look at the signals available at your location.

It can be made by following these instructions:
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Did you strip the pre-existing satellite cabling down so that you are using ONLY the coaxial cable? Failure to remove sat-specific components (multi-switches, amps, splitters, etc) is a common reason for initial failure in such projects. USE ONLY THE COAX CABLE!

Is the existing mount in a location that allows the signals to actually get to an antenna? That dish was installed so that it could see a specific patch of the sky. Your TV antenna needs to see a particular swath of the horizon (where the TV stations transmit from) in order to effectively receive the signals. If your current location is one where the antenna has to be aimed point-blank into your roof, your neighbor's house, a forest, etc, your odds of success plummet.

Does your existing antenna use any amplifier? If so, it's not appropriate to your location. You have VERY strong signals and an amp will only add grief to your project.

A small combo antenna like our ClearStream 2V would be our recommendation. It needs to face the northwest with a good view from west through north for best results. You do have a PBS and a MyN station that come in from different directions. They may or may not come in with the antenna mounted as described. Additional measures in mounting location selection and antenna configuration might be needed if reception of those stations are a requirement.
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