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Antenna recommendation

I have alot of trees around my house an was unable to get any signal at all with my RCA Ant751. But luckily I've been friends with my neighbor since middle school, so he let me install my antenna on the eave of his house which has a perfect clearing of the sky (his is also a 2 story an mine is only 1). So now I got signal but I don't get very many channels. But because it's on my neighbors house I therfore have a long run of coax which I'm sure I have a bit of signal loss from, an multiple connectors due to multiple lengths of coax. I do have a cheap lil walmart booster but it's hooked up right at the tv because I basically just "threw it together" so it worked, along with including a stretch of coax that was still attached to the house from the satellite that was previously installed. So I'm lookin for advise on what antenna would best fit my needs, and if/which pre-amp I should go with. I know my coax situation needs to be changed as well. Is there a certain kind that's better for these long runs?

So here is my report:

The only channels that I really want are Milwaukee and madison and if somehow possible the channel out of Rockford 13.1 WREX (the only reason I even know about 13.1 is because I had an older antenna at my last place but left it cuz I wasn't goin up to the 35' snow covered peak in February) Any others would just be a bonus. Although I do want to receive the few VHF stations that are around my area. The kids really like PBS. So however would be best, either a UHF/VHF or if my Ant751would work for VHF if I went with a strictly UHF antenna. And how would I connect the 2 antennas together.

Also I want to add at least 1 if not 2 more tv's to this set up. So splitter recommendation?

I would also like to add, there is a radio station about 5 miles south of town (104.5 wsld) I don't know if this will be a problem or not.

Thank you for all and any help.
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Happy Thirsty Thursday out there in WW

For starters, it's best to mount the preamp right at the antenna.
Continuous runs of coax are better too, cause each connection introduces a loss and possible hermetic compromise.

You may end up using two joined antennas, unless you can get everything you want from MKE. Not sure what Madtown would offer, since they don't have any indies.

Having two different TVs, also add to programming conflicts, if you'd like to use a rotor, or AB switch.

Others will be along w/ recommendations, too.
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If it were me, I'd bring one of the tv's over to your friend's house, run it on an extension cord under the antenna (or in his house), use the shortest length of clean RG-6 you have (or buy), and test the antenna with just that one tv. Then you'll know what you're starting with, before adding long lengths of coax and splitting it into two or more tv's.
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