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Jason l
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Combiner or open feed

I think I have read info before on this. I have to admit I am a slow Lerner. So who has better results with what. Splitter combiner or open feed with To stacked identical antennas. I have best results with commercial twin lead on my DIY 8 bay. Or 2 4bay vertically stacked.probably because I don't no what I'm doing with open feed. I have had tried combiner with identical length of coax with several different combiners with no twin leads are strait from center of 4bay to center of 4 bay. This works best vertical stacked instead of Side buy pics up UHF and VHF signals over 60+ miles. Both arrangement just higher strength Vertical. I'm not book smart just like experimenting. If any one has experience they can share on this again I would love to get confused. Lol Thanks
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