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Advocating for Free TV

There's a great great need to advocate for the protection of over the air television interests. In particular, the frequencies used to provide the service are being sought after by cell phone/wireless providers and others. The FCC auctioned off real channels 70 through 83 in the early 1980's to establish the cell phone networks. They did the same thing with real channels 52 through 69 more recently as a part of the transition from analog to DTV.

Now the FCC is moving ahead with yet another sale of bandwidth to expand the cell phone and PCS networks. If OTA TV is to survive, we need to make the case to elected and appointed officials that OTA TV serves a valuable public interest that is on par with or greater than the interests of those seeking to displace OTA TV.

One way to help is to communicate with your elected officials. Here is a simple portal that has a useful template that can help you write your own message...
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