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stations I have received inCorpus Christi,TX78418

Although weather does have a part in the reception here, and one local clue for the antenna I have hooked up to a HD 1080 PI 52" Samsung tv is if KRIS 6-1 does start to not come in or has less than three bars of signal strength on the tv menu / built in signal strength meter , I have received a fair number of stations that are well beyond the local reception maps. I do not have all of the call letters for all of the stations. I will not list the local Corpus Christi Stations.
I do have a four bay bow tie antenna, modified with four 4 gauge copper wire elements that are about four feet long, and are active elements with 300 OHM twin lead connecting them with the four bow ties that are tiered together in conjunction with the 4 gauge copper wire elements, with the signal fed into a GE 24 db gain amplifer, after going threw a 300 OHM to 75 OHM transformer.I have placed the antenna on top of a couple of chairs at the top of the stairs recently, as I have framing holding the copper still.

2-1 KPRC - HD Houston,TX
2-2 THIS Houston,TX
4-1 KGBT - HD Harlngen,TX
4-2 KGBT
4-3 KGBT
4-1 WOAI - DT San Antonio,TX
4-2 LWN
5-1 KENS - HD
5-2 KENSD1
17-1 KNIC

7-1 XHAB
9-1 XERV
57 analog XHLAR snowy black + white with clear sound Nuevo Laredu , Tamaulipas , Mexico

40 -1 KTLM - HD Rio Grande City
40-2 MIL -TV
40-4 MMTV
40-5 40-5LM
26-1 KPXL
29-1 KABB
29-2 Country

29-1 no video input test pattern Direct TV 0- 4 bars of signal strength, usually solid for the last month or so
29-2 HSN
29-3 test pattern
29-4 test pattern

29-1 from Houston,TX

25-1 KAVU Victoria,TX
25-2 KMOL-SD Victoria,TX
25-3 KXTS - SD Victoria,TX
25-4 25-NOW Victoria,TX

49-1 KPXB
now for the weird thing :the tuner registars 49-81, 49-82, 49-83,49-85,49 -87 GO!TV,49-88 Red Zone,49-90 Starz,49-91 Encore, 49 - 92Showtime, 49-93 Showtime, 49- 96 Airbox, but when I select these stations, the set does not respond to selecting the channel?!

67-1 KFXV - DT
67-1 KFTH- DT
67-2 KFXV
67-2 KXLN- SD

also analog 14 overiding local analog 14
analog 17 from Mexico
analog 11,12, 22 - all have been received in snowy color

I currently have a 24 " RCA LED 1080 PI tv set that seems to require a fairly large threshold signal to pick a station up, and have experimented with an antenna held together with alligator clips on top of the rug on the second floor, and have changed out that antenna with a twelve bay bow tie antenna with no amplifier. The antenna is aproximately nine feet long and mounted to the wall with screw in hooks above the door frame but just a couple of inches from the ceiling. The antenna is longer than the ceiling is high.

I have received a few stations on that set that may surprise a few people.

They are
4-1 WOAI
4-2 LWN
5-1 KENS- HD
5-2 KENSD1
5-3 KENSD2

9-1 XERV Maarmoros- Ciudad
11 analog
12 analog
17 analog, from Mexico
17-1 KNIC
24 KCCX -LP (HSN) Corpus Christi

25-1 KAVU Victoria,TX
25-2 KMOL-SD Victoria,TX
25-3 KXTS - SD Victoria,TX
25-4 25-NOW Victoria,TX

29-1 KABB San Antonio
29-2 Country San Antonio
57-1 KUBE (Houston Area)
57-4 ME TV
57-5 COZY
-- I just though I would share that I have picked up these TV stations

Also, 25 -1 threw 4 comes in upstairs before the set downstairs has enough signal to be detected

Also, without the copper elements added , 40-1 will not come in - even when the signal strength meter is maxed out on the 52" tv down stairs

And I could not pick up 7-1 without the amplifier, though I have picked up 9-1 Xerv without the amplifier on the 52" tv set.



all of the elements for each antenna are electrically and magnetically connected

My more immediate goal is to pick up 25 from Victoria , TX all the time and to later expand that range to San Antonio, if possible
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