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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
In Theory... Possibly. But the Antennas Direct DB8E has two strip line baluns... one on each section, and they are integrated into the physical design in a way that makes no provision for readily connecting an alternate balun. Antennas designed to use the older transformer type balun have binding posts that are intended to provide a connection interface to a transformer balun, the DB8E has no terminal post or binging posts so you'd find yourself altering the electrical length of the phasing lines which could dramatically detune the entire antenna. The elements and reflector dimensions have been optimized for the post 2009 UHF band.

I'd be reluctant to perform a potentially damaging & irreversible mod on a new antenna that cost the best part of two Ben Franklins... just my opinion.
that was what I was wondering. I wouldnt be damaging it, as to what I was thinking. there are 4 wing nuts that connect the the strip to the whiskers. I was thinking of removing those and wiring the transformer balun to each side. but it sounds like there is more going on there then that. thanks for the info.

my other question is, is there much of a difference between the DB8 and the DB8E other then the E can rotate? I was thinking about making custom bent arms that hold each side out at more of an angle, so I can get signals from a wider area rather. Is there other stuff going on with the DB8E for allowing it to rotate other then the mechanical design?
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I encourage you to try the store bought antenatas. I will be curious what it picks up for you. For I don't have the $ to try them all. I hope they do some good for you. I really will like to know if the db8 uhf only will get 44 or 45 from your location. You being a bit further it would be great to find out.
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The Antennas Direct DB8 is a pre-2009 UHF-only design so it was designed to cover real channels 14 through 69. As such it will have slightly less gain than the DB8E which designers were able to optimize for real CH-14 through CH51. At the core of the design differences are subtle changes to element length and spacing (a little can make a big difference).

The newer DB8E allows for adjustment of it's reception pattern. As the panels move from away from pointing at the same point on the horizon, the antennas gain is reduced. Some folks may have the mistaken belief that the gain will remain the same when the panel angles are changed. That's not true. The Antennas Direct technical documentation clearly shows how wide reception patterns come at the expense of gain.

I've built several UHF antennas in the last few years, each successful in terms of anticipated performance. If I find myself contemplating a mod of factory made antenna or a complete 'from scratch' build, I'm pretty sure I'd avoid damaging a decent factory built item. (But we'll see... No hard fast rule here.)
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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Yup I tried pointing two different bow ties two different direction and always lost my weakest channel. So that being said a db8e would not be an antenna of my choice. So ironically I added 60" wire every 1" latterly to my reflector. This was in effort to get reel chanel 44 better. And so far it seems about the same I get some dropouts mostly during the sunny days. Any how the extra width has me picking up reel Chanel 9.1 9.2 these were the main two channels I experimented with. turning the bow ties in different directions. So all in all sofar so good.but like ground mast said as soon as you point the panels away from same point you do loose gain.and that equals lost channels if your on the fringe area.i would just try the db8 the way it is if your not happy with it. Start over. I started over 4 times before the point im at today.and I'm still experimenting. That's most the fun. Well sometimes. ����
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