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Suggestions on OTA setup

Hi, My wife and I are looking to unload time warner cable and we are investigating antennas. We are located in central NY, about 5 miles south of the SE corner of Lake Ontario. The antenna will be mounted in our attic/crawlspace as my wife does not want an antenna on the roof. We would also like to pick up FM stations with it as well. Are there any dual-purpose antennas that would serve that purpose? Our fool reports are:

For the TV, we are mostly interested in the stations coming out of the SE and SW (Syracuse and Rochester). The Canadian stations would be nice, but not necessary.

The FM is a little trickier. Ideally, we would like a couple of the Canadian stations as well as the SE and SW ones. Specifically 96.3, CMFK-FM out of Kingston, ONT.

Would two separate antennas be better? Depending on the size of the antenna, I could utilize a rotor. I am also open to buying an amplifier. I don't want to say that money is no object, but I also am not on a tight budget.
Thanks for the advice!
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One thing I should mention...I can get the FM stations i'm interested in with a rinky-dink 'T' shaped antenna, with a little positioning. Most of the time however, it is in an impractical position to leave.
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John Candle
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Tv Reception

Simple indoor antennas will get most of the Tv stations from Syracuse and FM stations . any thing beyond this and the antennas are going on the out side of the roof.
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Greetings Sean,

I don't think that using two Antennas is the answer.
You have good reception numbers, all in the same direction (153-163).
Trying to get the ones in other directions, only would be duplicates.

I'd try a...
Antennacraft HD-850, or
Terrestrial Digital V-15.

There are several other Modified (Ch 7-69) Antennas which would work as well, except that the above have FM Capability as well.
With the above Antennas, I'd suggest using a...
Winegard CA-8800 FM Splitter in your Theater Area, which could cable over to your FM Receiver.
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Typical OTA Reception Houston TX 77033
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