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Chimney Mount Hardware Choices

I am about to re-install our antennas, this after they came down during high winds in August. I used a generic, two 18 foot strap set-up and too long of a mast. I put the blame for it's failure squarely on myself. After toying around with the idea of erecting a tower for the past month, I can see that it ain't gonna happen and I'm back to the chimney mount, which will include a Antennas Direct DB8e, Antenna Craft Y10713, and a rotor.

From browsing this forum, I have been swayed towards two Ronard Products, the Ronard Model RON3324, and Ronard Model RON4424. However, they are very difficult to find. The 4424, which looks like a very heavy duty unit, is priced at about $180 at Solid Sound but is sold. The only other place that I see it is at DX Engineering, but the price is $75 more.

Questions - Does anyone know of another source for the Ronard units?

Any suggestions for a good sturdy chimney mount from another company?

Might using two generic two strap units, for a total of four straps, work as well as a Ronard?

I just want to get these mounted and not worry each time the wind blows.
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Hi Charles -

Another place to find chimney mounts at a reasonable price would be here - - Easy Up has a web site, and apparently they are a supplier of the generic chimney mounts. I have bought a few things from these folks and the products were shipped cheaply and of expected quality.

I think you are on the right track to use multiple sets of the generic mounts to duplicate the Ronard product. It seems like 60% of the Ronard products that should be available are out of stock everywhere.
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Earlier this year I tried purchase a different Ronard mount and was met with the same problem, no one that I could find had the unit that I wanted. After several calls to Ronard I finally reached a live person, and he told me that they could not get the metal to make the item that I wanted. I gave up.

So I think I will just try two generic kits, for a total of four straps. If anyone has info on a really heavy duty chimney mount, please let me know.

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there are a couple sets of channel master mounts are running about $14 you get 2 and a strap and can get them on amazon or in a home store.

But i think the key is not to mount a mast longer than 10 feet tall with a chimney mount.. you have to use guide wires to go higher and you know really... you might as well go with a tower at that point although they require more work and its starting to get cold out.

One thing to keep in mind at least where I live every 4 to 6 months there is someone selling a tower for $100 or giving it away if you take it down for them .. in local ads and craigslist...
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