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Best OTA TV Tuner???

This subject has come up numerous times on the Net and here at TV Fool. But since TV manufactures don't reveal their tuner specs, the consumer is left with nothing more than subjective perception to base their opinions on. You would think that some Tech out there across the Net would have opened up a TV or two and tested tuner specifications. But to date, I have not found a single post or YouTube video. Frustrating, to say the least.

However, I did come across an article that was quite helpful in understanding the subject better, at least in a primer or introductory sense. Not only the author, but many others respond to issues like, tuner sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range, etcetera. The issue is somewhat complex and there are many factors involved. Hopefully, it will be of interest and help towards reaching a better understanding of this rather mysterious subject.

UPDATE: I just ran across this YouTube video which discuss TV sensitivity, posted early in May this year. The narrator has related videos. He seems to offer good advice and favors post 2015 TV's for sensitivity, especially Samsung. But my 2013 40" Samsung has given my ample sensitivity here at my location in SOCAL LA/OC. I suppose I'm beginning to answer my own questions, but since he is an installer from Pennsylvania he offers helpful information, at least from my perspective as a consumer. I just wish some Tech would put a few TV's on his bench and release the "good, bad and ugly" specifications for a more thorough understanding of these issues. But the search continues.....

Here is an interesting comment(s) regarding TV sensitivity from a viewer of the above YouTube video:

Google User
1 month ago

Back in the 50s, 60s, and even into the 70s many still used antennas so companies put real effort and expense into making good tuners.
Once the 80s hit everybody switched to cable tv where signals were usually +3 to +10 db levels so more expensive sensitive tuners were no longer needed.
With the wide spread use of satellite and rental videos, companies began to put less and less attention on tuners.
Now with the recent surge in "cord cutting", we might start seeing
some attention to tuners again.
And by the time the 3.0 tuners hit the market I hope they have
gone back to using low noise gasfet front ends again.

Antenna Man
1 month ago

I hope so as well. Growing up I used to watch antenna TV on a 1970s set because the newer ones produced a much worse picture. I think people would pay extra for a TV that had a sensitive tuner. So far the new Samsungs are winning.

Here's a related article about TV's in the 1970's; comparisons by quality and price with today's sets.

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