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Question Help with antenna selection...

Hi everyone,

I've build a coat hanger DB4 antenna but I'm not able to receive the channels I expected.

I would like to know what type and height of antenna that I need to be able to at least have these channels:
- CBFT (2) (SRC)
- CFTM-TV (10) (TVA) (Will they have a digital channel??? If yes, add it to my wish list!)
- CBFT-DT (19; 2.1) (SRC-Digital)
- CIVM-TV (17) (TQ)
- CIVM-DT (27; 17.1) (TQ-Digital)
- CFJP-TV (35) (V)
- CFJP-DT (42; 35.1) (V-Digital)

Here is the TV Signal Analysis Results:

The report is located at approx location of house : 45.967323,-73.689219.
The antenna height is set to 10 ft.

Consider that if you zoom in, the trees that are shown there, where the pointer is, are no longer there (tree that are surrounding the point are gone other are there, hope it's clear!!!)

I would like to be able to build the antenna myself if it is possible but I will consider buying the antenna too.

If you need more details, please ask me!

Great thanks!!!

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Dave Loudin
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90% of the coat-hangar designs on YouTube, the Make: design, and others end up with too-small elements spaced too close together. Plus, bow-tie arrays will not have much response at low-VHF channels such as 2. Do go and register with the DigitalHome site, then check out the Over-the-Air Digital Television forum. There's an antenna selection chart available to members that can help you narrow down choices and there should be a thread for your area in the OTA Reception Results sub-forum.

You are a year from analog shut-down in Canada. The folks at that site are keeping a very close eye on what OTA will be available post-transition.
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John Candle
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Tv Reception Canada . I recommend the Winegard HD7084P pointed at 182 magnetic compass , a minimum of 30 feet high. 35 to 40 feet would be better.
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Thank you!

I will try to have a setup to test this as soon as I can. and I will give you the result!


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