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HELP Keeping channels, getting channels

I live in a first floor apartment of a two story apartment building.
I have an RCA ant1650f digital flat indoor antenna.

All I want is channel 8 and Fox not to cut in and out out of "weak signal". I have tried using a booster, I get fox and imcc 34 with no problems. When I remove the booster I can get channel 13.1 ABC (can't get with booster), but I lose fox, 5.1 and KMCC 34 to weak signal.
No matter what I do I cannot not get channel 8. I use to get channel 8 back in the spring and then it was gone and I have been able to get it back.

Here is my data:

Here are the channels I get, or have problems with:
3.1 NBC, 15.1, 21.1, 33.1, 10.1 PBS (cuts out at times)
33.1 CW, 5.1 Fox (cuts out at times), 39.1, 15.1, **8.1 CBS (cannot get)**
13.1 ABC, 39.1 TEL, 39.3 ION, 17.whatever, 18.whatever, 19.whatever,
30.whatever, 33.whatever, KMCC 34 (Weak signal, sometimes comes in)
and of course we can get these channels with no problems 39, 43

Thank you for your help and advice
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Ben Myers
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The first thing I would do is buy a six or twelve foot extension to allow the antenna to be moved throughout the room.

Indoor antennas are affected by people walking near them and even appliances and other metal objects in the house or building. Most of your stations are to the east and southeast, so anything you can do to facilitate a clear shot in those directions is bound to help. Also, if you are rescanning with every antenna change, I strongly suggest you try to find a way to manually add channels to the television or converter. Check the setup menu, but sometimes all you have to do enter the real channel number on the remote, possibly followed by a period or hyphen. Don't be surprised if you see nothing on the screen initially, since modern televisions typically don't show a picture unless a usable signal is present.
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Moving the antenna

We have bought several feet of addition cable and tried several walls (N, W, SE). Even moving the antenna in 2 to 3 inch increments along the wall. The antenna is 7' 9" (93") high. That is the highest it can be.
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You need an EAST wall or window for it to be more predictable. If you're on the "wrong" side of the building and the building's construction or surroundings do not allow the signal to reach the antenna, then you cannot get reliable reception. Yes, buildings and your surroundings can do that.

Many of your signals, plus all the local FM signals, are very close by. You cannot use an amplifier as most will overload and cause a loss of reception.
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