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Antenna Help & Recommendations

Hi I'm glad to be part of this great informative site. I'm looking for antenna recommendations and help on setting up my system.

I live in Hudson, NC 28638

I'm just hoping to get all the locals and any other channels will be a plus.

If I'm looking at the map correctly, could I hook up two antennas, one pointing north and one to the south.. I have a big older antenna.. not sure of the name or brand, but it has a rotor hook to it.
Would two 4 bay bow-ties work good hook to the old antenna.. you guys are the pro's let me know what you think.. and if I will need an amplifier or anything else hook to it..

Thanks a bunch

If you guys need more information just let me know.

If I am looking at the radar right most of my channels are UHF? So my best bet would to be looking for a UHF antenna... sorry for all the add on. I have been reading all night and am interested in this now.

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Combining 2 identical antennas is almost impossible. In your case not necessary.

If you want a bow tie style antenna you can remove the reflector and receive channels from both front and back quite well. The reflectors are added to extend the range for people in a fringe reception area.

You do have 3 VHF stations that will need either a separate antenna or a single antenna with VHF and UHF elements.

Start without an amp, you have enough close stations that they will overload the amp and make things worse rather than better. Unless you are going to split the signal to 4 or 5 TV's and have cable runs for many hundreds of feet I doubt you will need one.

Connect just one TV with as short a cable as possible first to tune the aiming of the antenna, then add from there and see what you lose. (I actually get on the roof with a small TV to do this.) You can start with the antenna you have, might just do what you want.

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Thanks rickbb

I was hoping to get the locals and use kodi to get other options. I have a fire stick and a computer set up for kodi. I just need to get the locals.

I'm going to try to run it to my computer with a tv tuner card in it. Wintv 2250.

I'm really not sure what antenna would be good for my location. Do you have any recommendations if the old antenna doesn't work well.

I'm just going to be running two tv's.

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