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Live in S Oklahoma, any chance for Dallas stations?

I've seen some posts from some people who claim they can on other sites, but, seems like it would be extremely difficult. The odd thing (to me), is higher = worse signal for me! See here: This is 15ft. This is 50ft. WFAA is a little worse. This is 5ft, basically, ground level, and, wfaa is stronger. Not sure that is practical though!

With a -6nm rating, seems like it would be pretty tough to do this without a fortune being spent, right? All Dallas stations are at least in the same direction. And it seems like it might mess up the more local stations, which are different direction?

What does 2edge mean?

Assuming Dallas is impractical, I see many of them are around -10nm, then, my more local stations are in different directions. 295degrees, and, 354 degrees, with another at 193, and a few more. Is there a good antenna for this scenario? Ideally, would be attic mounted due to not uncommon massive winds, golfball or larger hail, etc. Attic is foamed, which I understand allows tv signals to pass with ease. Composite shingles. No trees anywhere close of any height.
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Diffraction edges.

Versus LOS (line of sight) or tropospheric scatter.

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