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Which antenna out of these two?

First things first:
I have a 2 story house the current antenna is mounted on a 3ft tripod and a 10ft mast with a 2 way splitter going to 2 tv's. one of the tv's is connected to a HTPC with a happauge 2250 which has crappy sensitivity compared to the tv tuner, but I use it in able to record various series and watch them when i can.

Both leads have drop amps which are the Electroline EDA-2100.
since i do not know how to split a pre-amp signal from the roof.

I am currently using the Winegard Model HD9085P Pointed northeast about 45 degrees, (which I just picked up this weekend for $20 on craigslist, and i works much better than the Channel Master DB8). now I can pull in both boston stations and my locals. the sweet spot would be east but there are trees in my neighbors backyard blocking the line of sight, if I point east I get all my locals with no pixelation but then I lose the boston feed.

What I would like to do is get an antenna that I will be able to piont north and still have enough gain to get my locals. I have a RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier laying around to use with the antenna I need.

I was hoping to use the current HD9085P for the wife give the tv in the master bed it's own feed so i can get her all the locals plus channel 50.1, which I don't care for the same way she doesn't care for the Boston channels.

after some research I narrowed it down to these two:

or if you guys have any other reccomendations.

I get channels
10.1 nbc
6.1 abc (spotty signal during the day and wind)
64.1 fox
12.1 cbs (spotty signal during the day and wind)
36.1 pbs
28.1 cw (spotty signal during the day and wind)
5.1 abc-Boston (spotty signal during the day and wind)
25.1 fox-Boston (spotty signal during the day and wind)
2.1 pbs-Boston

*note: the spotty signal during the day and wind hardly happens on the sony tv directly connected to antenna only with the crappy happauge.*

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