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No NBC Olympics - Please help

I have a terk antenna. Should I get a different antenna or booster.

thanks a lot in advance.
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If your antenna has rabbit ears. Adjust them flat and about 30-33" tip to tip. Place them in front of a window that faces San Francisco. If you don't have a set of rabbit ears, get one.

You're 35 miles from San Bruno trying to catch a VHF signal (the only one in the Bay area exclusively on VHF) indoors. The odds are against you. If you can get to a rooftop with a small UHF/high-VHF combo, your odds improve dramatically.
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Tv Reception.

Is this a , house , town home , condo , apartment , mobile home , motor home , or etc. ??

What directions do windows face??

What directions are patios / balconys ??

If a apartment , etc . what floor , what is the top floor??

How many Tv's are will be connected??
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