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RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier

If you live in a strong signal area I can almost guarantee that you can use this pre amp even with a fringe antenna to obtain weak fringe or even deep fringe signals.

I just installed a Antennacraft MXU 47 at a home that I own near downtown Cincinnati which is only about 2 to 3 miles from a slew of of UHF towers and also a real channel 12. Added this pre amp to it on Saturday and I am now able to pick up several weaker Dayton stations which would not come in prior to installing the pre amp. NM on these stations runs from about plus 2 to plus 8. Getting some pixelating on the two weakest stations but I think with a rotor and playing with the height a bit, I can get a solid lock on those.

This is a great pre amp for the money. Hands down the best one by far I've used in an urban setting. Nothing else I've tried works without creating serious issues with the local signals. No overload at all with this configuration.

If you use something like the AD 91XG it is likely to work well with this antenna. I did a head to head comparison of the MXU 59 and the AD 91XG a few years back and found they performed virtually identical on all my UHF signals including fringe. Since the MXU 47 is only slightly weaker gain wise than the other two antennas mentioned, I am betting this pre amp will still work in this environment with either of these antennas.
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PA. DTV reception

Same here! I use it on all of my installs. Great amp, great price.
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